I have been playing recreational golf on and off for 5 years self taught using you tube and tips off friends managed to get myself down to 18 handicap playing with a slice, basically aim left, let rip and pray. I decided that to improve my game further i needed to take the plunge and have lessons. I found out that Phil was going to be teaching from Tour X Golf and i booked a lesson. I will admit i was nervous about the first lesson but Phil is dead easy to get on with.  Started with a chat about what i wanted to achieve (Scratch i think i said haha). Phil looked at my swing and explained why i had a slice and set about fixing it. After correcting a few grip issues and finding out what thought process worked for me, we set about changing the swing. The result at the end of the lesson which was all on Trackman, straight shots, even with the dreaded driver. Great tailored lesson to suit me with an even better result. Following the lesson 8 months or so ago i swiftly followed up with a block booking of lessons. The results of the lessons so far i am now playing to 13, hitting straighter shots further than before. Next stage of lessons increase the swing speed. I have found Phil to be a great Coach and overall a top bloke. His method of coaching is second to none with a way of coaching that is easy to understand, tailored to your specific needs. Big thanks to Phil for all his help so far.

Mike Handley 18 hcp

“Lessons with Phil have been eye opening. My swing has never felt as strong in 20 years of playing (15 with a single figure handicap). The real beauty is the understanding that is passed on and how simple practice has become. This has allowed me to make solid progress through each lesson and crucially this has been translated on the course. Improvements haven’t just been limited to the long game, with my first short game lesson probably featuring as my best ever lesson in terms of benefits reaped from it. Given his playing pedigree it’s a surprise that Phil comes with no ego, only a desire and ability to provide you with a solid repeatable golf swing.”

Greg Hewitt hcp 9

” my ball striking has come on leaps and bounds since starting lessons with Phil. He makes every change simple and doesn’t  over complicate anything. ”

Scott smith hcp 14

“I’ve been down to TourX a few times for fittings and earlier after one of these had a spur of the moment lesson with Phil as he was free.Im a low handicapper who has intermittent lessons over last few years but have to say without a shadow of doubt Phil is best person I’ve seen.He explains everything simply and his visual coaching aids make it easier to put into practice.Ive travelled over 2 hours to have further lessons with him and will be doing so again this Winter to try and improve my game. Give him a go you won’t regret it.”
Cheers Phil

Rob Leitch hcp 4

“Phil is the consummate professional. His knowledge and approach to the game have been invaluable in my quest to reduce my handicap. He has helped me develop shots I didn’t think I could play and improved every aspect of my game. If your looking for a mentor Phil Archer should be top of your list.”

Mike Holden hcp 11

” one of Phils strengths  is how he breaks things down simply its not complicated so makes it easier to execute”

“Its great knowing the guy teaching you has been there done that got the tee shirt he can show you not just tell how to do it”

Paul Byron hcp 9

“I have found my lessons with Phil at both Tour X and Poulton Park very enjoyable.

The facilities and equipment used are first class and give you the upper edge in understanding how the club and path link in with your swing and the shots you create.

I have made some massive changes to my swing with Phil this year in which has called on all his knowledge from his years in the game and time on tour in helping me develop my swing, short game and mental facet of the game.

Phil treats your swing as an individual swing and finds the right methods and drills to suit you and your game.”

Craig Bennett hcp 8

“In need of consistency, I turned to Phillip Archer for coaching and instruction upon my game. Phil re-built my swing with positive results whilst offering sound course management and general golfing advice during breaks in the lesson.
Coming from an ex tour pro, all the advice and coaching offered carried a lot more weight than your standard club pro. Phil also lightens the mood with some interesting European Tour stories.
In addition I turned to Tour X in order to have the correct equipment specified bespoke to my swing and ability.
The result for me has been far more consistent golf and a thoroughly enjoyable golfing experience.”

Phil has been my coach for the last eighteen months. Over this time he has given me great support in all areas of my golf. I could not wished for a better coach. I look forward to my lesson knowing Phil will be there to guide me every step of the way.  All I can say is a great big thank you for all you have done to help my swing. The facility Phil has is fantastic especially for winter coaching, no need to cancel if the weather is bad. My 1st ever putting lesson is working extremely well.

Kind Regards Phil Ascroft hcp 13